A New Hope

For a long time, there was no kitten on the fail screen of Bombcats. It just said “Sad Kitty Pic” in the place where the kitten would eventually be. Yesterday morning, I was a very sad kitty. I can say it’s the worst I’ve ever felt professionally. After working so hard and struggling to get Bombcats done, seeing those numbers was a terrible feeling.

Normally I’m pretty level-headed about game development and dealing with feedback. I usually feel a little bristly about negative feedback, but can keep that feeling to myself, then I’ll think about the issue, and come back with a good solution. Yesterday was a very extreme version of that, and that extremity broke my ability to internalize the feedback (which was: “your game is not converting downloading players to paid players”). My wife suggested I not post anything yesterday and take a day to cool off. But I haven’t had a good venting in a long time, and my emotions won out.

The Fallout

And really, I’m glad that I did. Not because it upset some people, but because of the feedback and support from everyone in the game development community. To be honest, many of the suggestions I’d heard versions of before (from my publisher), but sometimes you need to hear something twice to start to believe it.

The thing that stood out in the advice: Bombcats has lots of downloads (and should keep getting more), lots of players, and lots of quality content, so therefore it is not even close to over.

The Plan

Bombcats will be staying Free. There will be tweaks, both balancing and UI-wise, along with some other stuff. The changes will fit the game, and the game will still be awesome. Overall, it will be more aggressive about trying to get money from players, but I’m not going to apologize for that.

There will be more details about the changes when the time is right.

Back to Work

I just wanted to reiterate one more time: Thanks to everyone for their tweets/emails/comments of support, advice, and “why aren’t you making Inferno 2?” questions.

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