A Multiplatform Must

Google Play has been kind to Radiangames over the past month.  Fireball SE was prominently featured there for 3 weeks, and now that it’s gone, CRUSH and Ballistic SE are featured.  Why they chose those 3 games (instead of Inferno+, Slydris, and Bombcats), I’m not really sure.  But I’ll take it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past month, it’s that I need to release my games on multiple platforms in order for them to be successful.  For the past 1.5 years, I had been focusing exclusively on iPhone and iPad (aka iOS), and almost the entire past year was on 1 game on iOS (Bombcats).  That was a huge mistake on my part, and it almost caused the complete annihilation of Radiangames.

Even ignoring the Google Play featuring, it was well worth the time to port my games to other platforms and put them in places where they have a chance to be successful.  The secondary Android stores (Amazon, Nook, Samsung, etc) aren’t as lucrative, but are also worthwhile and there’s always a chance a feature or two there could make a significant impact.  I consider OUYA more of a unique platform, and so far it makes more than the secondary Android stores (for me), but nothing close to Google Play or iOS.

It took me a long time (too long) to figure this out, but my original plan for Radiangames, which was lots of small, polished, fun games, actually works.  But it only works when I release the games on multiple platforms.  XBLIG alone was enough.  Neither was PC.  Neither was iOS.  Android and OUYA wouldn’t be either (even with features).

Honestly, I liked focusing on a single platform better.  But we live in a multi-platform world now, and there are some great tools (Unity, Monogame, GameMaker, etc) that make it possible to make multi-platform games with a bit of extra work.

The Next Release?

I don’t know what the next release of mine will be.  I’m mostly working on the exciting new publisher project, but in my free time I’ll be doing updates, ports, and maybe even a new CRUSH-sized game or two before that releases.  Hopefully it won’t be long either way.

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