64-bit iOS Updates Are Live


Gobs of Fun and Fireball LE no longer exist.  Ballistic SE has not been updated.

The following 10 games in my iOS catalog are now 64-bit compatible:

  • Inferno 2
  • Sideswype
  • Devastator
  • Slydris
  • Inferno+
  • Super Crossfighter
  • JoyJoy
  • Fluid SE
  • Fireball SE

The first 3 were already 64-bit compatible, and of those 3, only Devastator was updated for gameplay reasons (you always spawn with a shield now, making it quite a bit easier).

Now that the iOS updates are out, I’ll be working on new game prototypes sporadically until the end of Overload (early next year). I’ll also start posting again on Radiangames around that time.  (See the previous post for more in-depth discussion of what my next games will be).

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